Kanger Aerotank with airflow control

Brand: KangerTech
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Price: $35.00 $23.50

The aerotank is the latest and one of the most popular atomizer tanks from Kangertech.  With its bottom filling take it creates pure taste and more vapor from the bottom heating of the dual coils.
One of the key features on the AeroTank is the airflow control which allows you to adjust to get the perfect vape and gives the freedom for quality adjustment.

The Aerotank has a great look and a stylish finish as it’s made from quality stainless steel and Pyrex Glass allowing it to be more durable than other tanks on the market.

Quick Start Guide to using the Aero Tank.

1. Fill the tank before use so you don’t burn out the tank.

2.  Hold the tank upside down with mouthpiece facing down.  Carefully fill the AeroTank with 1ml to 2ml of eliquid.  Do not over fill the tank or allow the liquid to enter the center tube.

3.  Reattach the threaded base and turn upright.  Let the tank rest for a couple of minutes to allow the coil saturation. Then enjoy!